Step 1: Begin your workout on the Rower, and watch the meters float past each workout.

Step 2: Upon completion of your workout, take a picture of the display and email it to (with your first & last name in the subject line).

What is the Row2Mexico

From the pristinely white, sandy beaches of Clearwater, Florida to the exotic shores of Cancun, Mexico, 813,900 meters of rowing isn't something we set off to accomplish in one race.  Just like we can't set out to reach our fitness goals in such a short/unrealistic time frame. Step up to this challenge as you set out on the journey to reach the goals you DESERVE!

Ready to Start Rowing?

Anything worth having is worth working for.  So strap in and keep rowing!  One bout at a time. Time after time. Living in the process and not just dreaming of the outcome will have you rowing your boat to a port we like to call SUCCESS! Plus, you’ll get a $20 gift certificate to Playa Margaritas Mexican Restaurant to celebrate your accomplishment!

How to Start your Row

How to Row

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