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Founder & Head Trainer, Shawn Johnson, has a training philosophy of having clients reach their goals (losing fat & building muscle) while focusing on moving right (feeling great). This comes from having over 6 year of education, a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, and close to a decade of helping clients Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Great!


Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp




Body Fat Assessment, Skulpt, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp, Muscle, Body Fat, Muscle Quality, Body Composition, Body Fat Percentage
Nutritional Guidance, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp, Meal Prep
Body Fat Assessment, Skulpt, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp, Muscle, Body Fat, Muscle Quality, Body Composition, Body Fat Percentage

Assessments are how we know we’re doing exactly what we need to do in order to keep reaching our goals! You’ll get an initial assessment as soon as you start your journey with us! Because we also believe in rewarding clients for reaching their goals, assessments are a key part of ourBody Transformation Challenges!With each assessment, you get a chance to look at what's truly changing about your body.

During your monthly reassessments, we’ll measure your percent body fat and muscle quality. This allows us to see if there needs to be any changes made to your program so you keep reaching your goals. We also take the time to dive into your training intensity and talk about nutrition after looking at your assessment numbers.


With meal-idea emails, nutritional guidance meetings, and your very own one-on-one nutritional coach keeping things simple, the struggle with nutrition is over! Our mission is to have you focusing on the BIG ROCKS of nutrition and not getting lost in all the shiny “fad-dieting” rocks.



Workouts are all station-based, allowing you to go at your pace for the duration of that given station. Most stations have an element of resistance training along with bursts of heart-rate training. Check out theTRAINING PROGRESSIONto get a more in-depth look the science behind the workouts. Utilizing POLAR Heart Rate monitors allow you to see that your “intense” is different than my “intense” or Becky Boot Camper’s “intense”. Each workout is truly about challenging yourself!

For someone to achieve their body composition goal, it's not necessary to workout seven days a week. We sit down with you and put together your perfect plan/schedule to have you on track for reaching your goals. There's a chance you'll fall in love with our training and end up working out more often then not. Rest assured theWEEKLY SCHEDULEis still keeping you out of harms way. There are designated days that are specifically for active recovery.

Polar Club Heart Rate Monitoring, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp
Training App, Progress Reports, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp

We believe in educating and empowering all our members to reach their goals.Throughout each total body workout you’ll be able to see the intensityyour putting in towards each session. We use software that gives you access to tracking the progress of each exercise, just like you would have we were training one-on-one!

There's nothing beneficial for someone reaching their goals by doing a burpee. Our approach is 100% science based in the realm of changing your body composition and improving your overall quality of life. From a training standpoint, when we focus on the quality of movement and learning how to move properly, we start to feel better. When we add resistance training to that, and a nutritional plan that doesn't have you on a strict low calorie diet, we truly transform your body!


Get ready for the most science-based, goal driven program that will have you losing fat, building muscle, and feeling great! There's finally a personalized group training program done right!

From the, go-at-your-own pace station based workouts, one-on-one nutritional coaching, to the #WINtheTRIP Body Transformation Challenges, you've never experience what's now being offered right here at Johnson's Elite Training.

This all-encompasing program was created based off two key factors:

A One-on-One Training Philosophy

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