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Other Awards

Most Intense Boot Camper

The Boot Camper who's always going all out!

Work Horse

Someone who always gives their best while

seldomly complaining!

Positive Patty

That one person who's always encouraging & helping others!

Day 1

Simply focusing on each day with the mindset & excitement we all have the first day of a new journey!

Our goal is to have you reaching yours! Keeping it fun, exciting, and rewarding along the way is just one of the things we do to ensure your success.

(Who lost the most total weight)

(Who lost the most total inches)

FREE 5lb container of protein powder

An INTENSE Mr. Hulk like trophy!

(Biggest change in body fat percentage)

$50 VISA gift card

Top 5 "Inchworms" win little inch long inchworm figures to show how many inches they lost!

$50 VISA gift card

A "Biggest Loser" trophy!

(Who gained the most muscle)


#WINtheTRIP Vacation Package!

FREE 3 month membership

1st place medal

FREE 2 Month Membership

2nd Place Medal

FREE 1 Month Membership

3rd Place Medal


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We strive for LONG-TERM SUCCESS! Each challenge, 12 weeks in length, starts with a pre-assessment followed up by monthly re-assessments until your final/post assessment. We measure weight, body fat percent, muscle quality, body circumference measurements, along with some basic strength measurements and professional photos. Talk about knowing what's changing within your body! We truly believe that knowledge is power! If we see a monthly re- assessment not on point for where you should be, we figure out why right on the spot so we can start making the changes needed for the results you deserve!

We've always believed in rewarding those who are willing to put the work in to achieve their goals!

Although we always preach it just takes the simple things being done over and over again, we understand it gets hard! Life happens! And even though we all shouldn't need any more motivation than what got us started bettering ourselves, a little extrinsic motivation never hurt anyone! That's why we created our BodyTransformation Challenges. It all started when owner/head trainer of Johnson's Elite Training, Shawn

Johnson,wasn't satisfied with the amount of boot campers who were post assessing in his earlyendeavorsof the renowned JETSTRONG Boot Camps. He knew there had to be something else he could do to cause even more excitement and accountability. The prizes and awards have slowly become more and more to the point where we've GIVING AWAY FREE TV's and TRIPS to VEGAS!!!! We now give away, on average, OVER $1,500 EVERY CHALLENGE including gift cards, supplements, free memberships and a trip FOR TWO!!!

BTC, Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Great, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp, Weight Lost, weight loss
BTC, Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Great, Johnson's Elite Training, JETSTRONG Boot Camp, Weight Lost, weight loss, pounds lost

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